From our early days, Kewpump’s pumping solutions have been the leading choice for many industries in Malaysia. Today, Kewpump solutions are installed and running in various industries not only in Malaysia but also in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Papua New Guinea, and countries in South America and Africa.

Below is a list of some of the industries using Kewpump’s pump systems.

Palm Oil Mills
Kewpump has a complete range of pumping solutions for the palm oil mill industry. Ranging from conventional processes to the latest extraction systems employed in a variety of palm oil facilities in the world, Kewpump’s range of pumps are the preferred choice of the industry’s major players. Our pump solution’s robust and reliable performance has been a crucial factor in the success of many palm oil facilities which are often situated in inaccessible locations where successful pump performance becomes a critical requirement.


Edible Oils Industry – Refining / Oleo Chemical / Bulking Plants

While Malaysia is the world’s biggest palm oil producer, other types of edible oils are also produced and consumed in the country. These edible oils are extracted from vegetables, peanuts, soybeans and sesame seeds to name a few. The same as in most palm oil mills in the country, Kewpump’s pumping solutions can easily be found aiding the production processes of these edible oils products.


Chemical / Liquid Processing

With the expansion of Malaysian chemical companies in the region, this proves to be a good sign for the industry as these ventures open up new markets, expertise, and materials. Working in new countries, these chemical companies need reliable pumps to help them adapt to these new conditions. Kewpump’s pumping solution is designed and built to perform and last even under the harshest of conditions.


Pulp and Paper

With a total capacity of pulp and paper production at over 100 million tons/year, Malaysia is a net importer of pulp, paper, and paper board. However, government initiatives have slowly reversed the trend. In fulfilling the market demands, Kewpump’s pumping solutions can be seen working in mills throughout the country aiding various papermaking processes.

Sugar Mills

Throughout the years, the sugar consumption rate in Malaysia and the region has gradually continued to increase. In keeping up with the demands, industry players have adapted many innovations to improve the situation. As part of the cost-effective solutions implemented by the industry, Kewpump’s pumping solutions can easily be found installed and running in sugar mills throughout the country.


General Industries

Apart from the above-mentioned industries, Kewpump’s pumping solutions can also be found in other various industries. From heavy industries such as automotive and iron manufacturing to domestic uses such as for swimming pools and fire-fighting systems, Kewpump designs effective pumping solutions not only for standard applications but also for specialist applications where engineering is required to custom build a pump to a specific service.

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